Check out my competition video

This Place Was a Shelter – Olafur Arnalds from Rika Yasui Hammen on Vimeo.

This Place Was a Shelter – Olafur Arnalds


New website with some of my work!

New website with some of my work!

Hi everyone!

Long time no see – sorry for that!

I have now just started a small company with a friend in Copenhagen.

It’s called TBT productions and you can find our website by clicking on the link.

Hope you will like it 🙂




This Place Was a Shelter

This is a music video, that I just made for a competition for the artist Olafur Arnalds.
I hope you will like it and share it with others 🙂

Apparently the video won’t come up on the page, so you will have to click on the link to see it…


Hip Hop at retirement home


Not long time ago, I made this music video with the concept of what it would be like for us the day we would be at a retirement home.


Electro Music Video

Here is a music video I made not long time ago. Hope you like it 😉


Invent to Apply

I made a mini documentary about a couple using today’s technology to preserve all the best things about our ancestors’ way of living. Hope you will be inspired 😉
Anybody can be an innovator of lifestyle.

Kitchen garden

What I picked from the kitchen garden yesterday 🙂

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